MH8305 Pre-Programmed TENS and EMS


MH8305 Pre-Programmed TENS and EMS

The MH8305 Pre-Programmed unit integrates EMS and TENS functions with 27 preset programs and 3 programmable programs. The preset programs are prepared in the factory according to the customer’s parameters. The programmable programs are available to be set and stored by user. This unit is a hybrid stimulator which is designed for muscle stimulation and pain relief. It is portable, light weight and battery-powered electronic unit. Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is an advanced muscle exercise and toning technique that is an efficiently & effectively supplement to your workout routine. EMS units are designed to exercise body muscles by applying a chosen intensity and frequency of electrical current repeatedly in a series of stimulated contraction & relaxation phases. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), designed for symptomatic relief and management of chronic intractable pain. TENS is a safe non-invasive drug-free method of pain management. “Transcutaneous” means across the skin. It relieves pain by sending tiny electrical impulses through electrodes placed on or near the area of pain or pressure point to underlying nerve fibers.


S: EMS, A: EMS with Rate Modulation, N: Normal, M: Mixed Frequency, B: Burst, SD: Width Modulation, MR: Rate Modulation

MH8305 Pre-Programmed TENS and EMS
Channel Dual, isolated between channels
Preset programs 27 preset TENS or EMS programs, prepared in the factory according to the customer’s parameter
Programmable programs 3 programmable programs are available for setting by user
Intensity Adjustable 0-100mA, Max output 100mA peak to peak (17mA rms) into 500ohm load each channel.
Wave form Asymmetrical rectangular biphasic pulse.
Power source DC 9V
Size 13.6(L)x7(W)x2.7(H)(cm)
Weight 162 grams (battery included)
Pulse Rate 2Hz~20 Hz in 1 Hz/step and 20~ 150 Hz in 5 Hz/step.
Pulse Width 50uS~300uS, 10uS/step
Output mode S, A, N, M, B, SD, MR
ON (Contraction) Time 2~90 seconds
OFF (Relaxation) Time 2~90 seconds
Ramp-up Time 1~8 seconds
Ramp-down Time 1~8 seconds
Timer 5~90 Minutes or continue.
COMPLIANCE TIMER The patient compliance timer can memorize 100 sets of therapy session records; the total record time is 400 hours; 240 minutes for a single therapy session.
Electrode Detection Option function, Only active in Pulse Width from 100uS and 300uS.